Piggy Jump

Nov 27, 2011 | Games

The objective is to collect as many coins as you can using your Piggy Bank. each scenario has an unique gameplay!

– 9 scenarios
– 11 different power ups/downs
– kids mode
– tablet support

– KIDS: This scenario is for beginners and kids. Use it to learn how to play!
– JUNGLE: This is a jungle adventure. Trunks are breakable!
– VOLCANO: Use your parachute and go down. Avoid lava platforms!
– CITY: Always keep the lights on. Collect all light bulbs!
– SPACE: Use your jetpack to fly. Do not crash on asteroids!
– SKY: The traditional jump game. Up! Up! Up!
– WATER: Always jump forward. Use sunscreen!
– CAVE: Go down carefully. But don’t fall!
– SNOW: Watch out for slippery platforms. Don’t get frozen!